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"Zacrodonia - The Sacred Land" is a story of a battle between sound reasons and arguments and blind faith and obedience. It is a battle which demands sacrifices, especially the sacrifice of egos and pre-conceived ideas. It is a struggle of an entire folk in unison which leaves no stone unturned in their attempts to suppress the Voice of God. It is a story which puts to test the faith of many, putting people through the ordeal of either choosing the love of their beloved ones or the love of their Creator. The events unfold in a way that it strengthens the faith of some, and some it drives even farther away from it. Some employ deception, and some hold fast to honesty and righteous conduct; some resort to violence, and some let God act for them. It is, in short, the author's tribute to his Creator, the Creator of everything that exists.


409 Pages

ISBN: 9789083190587


Artikelnummer: 9789083190587
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