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Wohn Bücherschrank

Horst Witte: He is known as a politician close to the people, committed local chairman and unintentional recipient of the Federal Cross of Merit. But hardly anyone knows about the influence that his childhood, youth and, above all, his time in the army had on his life - and what an important role the Weser played in all his early adventures.

In his entertaining reminiscence, the Weser boy Horst Witte looks back on the biggest pranks of his youth - from the painful flight to the local hairdresser's shop to the independent construction of a functioning rocket to the crossing of the Weser in the icy winter.

The book 'Weserjunge' is an extremely enjoyable read. Horst Witte skilfully revives a bygone era in his memories, in which young and old readers encounter tons of amusing stories." - U. Lehmann, surpress Berlin


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