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Wohn Bücherschrank

temporary dream man

After years of risking his life abroad, the officer and bodyguard Frank Kempfer returned to Germany in 1995 and accidentally discovered his erotic talent in dealing with women. He turns it into a profession and the freshly minted callboy dives into the world of the rich and beautiful as well as erotic debauchery. He takes part in luxurious parties, orgies and encounters with unusual desires. In the process, he learns a lot about his limits and about female longings and needs. He is surprised to find that closeness and his company are asked for more often than his erect masculinity. Love and his job don't seem to be compatible and yet SHE enters his life. As he begins to enjoy the comforts of get-rich-quick, he encounters violent individuals and a man who takes his hard-earned money back from him in one fell swoop. However, his opponents have forgotten one thing: Frank never gives up and the otherwise gallant and calm gentleman is still dangerous as hell.

Stundenweise | eBook

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