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Wohn Bücherschrank

Represented on Antolin! Children who have read this book can now solve the quiz directly on Antolin.

"Mighty forces have raged at the Wall's edge. The trees don't weigh
longer their crowns in the wind, but lie fallen by the wayside. All
Birds lost their nests, squirrels lost their nests. the
most of the animals are gone.” Pan Birch Mouse is the Birch Doctor. Actually, he could all around
to be content with his life in the forest. If not this one dream
would. The dream of flying!
Pan decides to make wings. He still has no idea what that means
a race against time begins. Because at the edge of the forest drives in
tree eaters. Pan and the elf Alfadis have to stop him.
But for that Pan needs wings. Will he manage to build some?
And will the friends manage to save the forest?

Pan Birkenmaus

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