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Wohn Bücherschrank

Inspired by the masterpiece 4'33'' by John Cage and the artwork "White Painiting, Three Panel", Thadeus von Sondern created the literary equivalent.
His work, which contains exactly not a single word and not a single graphic, gives the willing reader 200 pages of freedom for interpretation and time to sink into his own world of thoughts.

Especially in this day and age, it is important to the author that people find time to delve into their innermost being. He also shows the reader what an author goes through who is in a creative crisis.

Thadeus von Sondern is well aware that his book will not only meet with open reactions and he expects a fundamental debate in the literary world as to whether such a work should be published.

Immerse yourself in your and Thadeus' world of thoughts and let yourself be inspired by "nothing".


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