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Wohn Bücherschrank

Does it still exist, the original football? Just like in the 60's and
70s? Without heated armchairs, VIP lounges, caviar appetizers and
All-inclusive program for young and old? Yes, it still exists, but not
in the styled 1. Bundesliga, but further down, for example
in the 4th league, where the once successful Wuppertaler SV now
plays again after being passed down to the 5th league
Andreas Winter has been a die-hard fan of the
WSV, who does not value the luxury described above, but rather
wants to experience pure football, unprotected in the rain, with bratwurst and beer,
scarf and banner. The original football and its attitude towards life
he gets in the local "Stadion am Zoo" and even more so at the
Away trips to the regions of Germany where "the dog is buried"
He has the course of an entire season with the WSV meticulously
written down and reported on experiences that used to be in football
were commonplace, but now have to be sought. It is a
extremely lively report, authentic, honest, without


Ein Jahr in ROT-BLAU

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