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Wohn Bücherschrank

Detectives Veith Stengl and Alla Anait investigate the case of a possible serial rapist and serial killer. He first tortures his victims for days or weeks in the bestial way before he kills them and then buries them in different places. But the cops have been standing still so far. Even after the second victim was found, there is still no hot lead to the perpetrator. Unexpectedly, the two become aware of Madeleine Forster. Madeleine went to the local police station to report her dreams. She told the officer that she dreams of doing the deeds and wants to help catch them. Is Madeleine Forster perhaps an accomplice or even an accomplice? Or can she actually help the two detectives with the investigation? Veith and Alla look into the matter and pay Madeleine a visit. However, officials do not anticipate what should follow.

“Breathtakingly exciting and well thought-out story that captivates you and holds you in until the end. From the first to the last page, I devoured the book sentence by sentence. A subtle psychological thriller that moves you and shouldn't be read before bed."  Corinna Betz

Die Träumende

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