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Wohn Bücherschrank

A king who only has power and wealth in mind.
A farm boy who suddenly discovers that deep hidden powers lie dormant within him.
A girl who has strong magical abilities and is kidnapped.
So it is written in the scriptures thousands of years old.

Marun, a poor farm boy, has to watch his mother die. He had already lost his father years earlier in the war.
With all her strength, the dying woman tries to tell her son that he has an important task to fulfill. But which should it be?
Why him? But before he could ask her about it, she closed her eyes forever. Marun was also able to use it to mourn his mother.
The king's knights came to his village to take all the boys and men with them. They should all go to war for the king.
Will Marun still manage to solve his mother's secret?
Or will he succumb to his fate, having absolutely no idea how to use guns?

Die Chroniken von Mirolta

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