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Wohn Bücherschrank

This book is the second of 3 volumes, all of which offer high applicability for football coaches and should serve as a common thread.
The aim of Askin Polat is to give everyone interested in football a practical insight into the topics in simple and understandable language
Warming up, physique, technique, tactics, game idea and game system for footballers of all ages. Regardless of whether children, young people or adults, this extremely vividly illustrated book volume makes it possible to show the different
To train and combine requirement areas systematically and above all in an age-oriented manner.
It describes a strategy in football that is used to be optimally prepared for training or the match day
to be able to react to tactical changes or special game situations. See interesting forms of training:

1. Passing and combination game

2. position-specific game form training

3. Holding the ball and switching games (counterattack)

4. Zone games with and without opponents

5. Different box size and shapes

You too can be there when the coaches of today train the players of tomorrow.

Der kritische Übergang 2 - U12 Fußballtraining

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